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A forged 18K gold on silver with plique a jour detail held by a set semi-precious stone.  It can be worn as brooch or pendant. This piece won the Best in Metal Jewelry award at Craftwear at the League of NH Craftmens’ fair in 2015. Sold


A sterling silver pendant/brooch with multiple flowers, some with souffle enamel centers and one set stone. The piece came with matching earrings. Sold


A sterling silver brooch with layers of detail - silver, souffle enamel with silver tendrils and a set stone center. The elements are well connected but quiver slightly in when worn. Sold


Oxidized sterling silver, forged and fabricated with plique a jour enamel features - this necklace was created for the exhibition at Craftwear, Sunapee August 2007. NFS


One of a new range of necklaces with matching earrings. This example is 22k gold on silver with multi-colour enamel. sold

triangle 5 gold:

This gold, silver and enamel flower on a silver neckwire was one of a group created for Sunapee 2005. sold


A pendant inspired by forest berries chased and pierced with enamel accents. sold

berry pendant:

A pendant with a yellow enamel flower surrounded by chased leaved and backed with a smaller leaf motif. sold

lily pendant:

This simple brooch, silver and 18k gold with blue semi-precious stones and plique a jour enamel won the NH Institute of Art Award at Sunapee 2006. NFS



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